Use the Buttons or Links below to Access the Forms, Use the <BACK function in your browser to return to this page. Be sure to set your printer to correct orientation. Forms are mostly sized A4, minimum margins. Letter size is a bit small. Legal should be fine.


Collect all your favourite Load Data together, by calibre, onto one, easy reference, form. Be sure to copy  to the form carefully and indicate if load is for Rifle or Pistol.

Don't risk your shooting log at the range, use a separate Range Data form to record your loads performance. P, R columns are for Primary (muzzle Velocity) chronograph reading and Remote (downrange) reading, if you want to check out retardation. Note: 50 foot spacing is probably best for this. Chronograph errors may be less important at larger spacing but you know a shot chrono' is going to cost $100 plus.

This, Cartridge Loading & Performance Data log has space for pretty much everything you would want to record about your Hand-Loads.


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