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If it were not for our desire to understand ballistics, it is most unlikely that you would be reading this! The modern Digital Computer evolved because of the need to rapidly perform the numerous complex and repetitive calculations involved in ballistics research. So, it seems only appropriate, that many such computers, should have access to a site which is genuinely dedicated to the promotion of new research in the field of ballistics.

The principal area of research is into the observable variation of drag forces acting upon projectiles traveling in the trans-sonic velocity ranges. Strangely and coincidentally, both this research data and the only other data, currently understood to exist in this area, were collected at sites and in conditions where the velocity of sound was 1120 feet per second. This also happens the be 35 times 32. Gravity and air resistance are the main forces acting upon a projectile in flight, the gravitational constant being 32 feet per second per second. As more data becomes available, a perturbation, in the ballistic coefficient, is observed at velocity intervals of approximately 32 feet per second! It is a major aim to try to reproduce this effect, which may be compounding the fluctuations occurring near the velocity of sound, and to acquire other data from firings conducted when the velocity of sound is, as far as it is possible to get, not a multiple of 32. The Ballistic Coefficient is a very useful means of measuring the changes in retardation at different velocities, since it allows comparison of the drag deceleration of test projectiles, to that of Standard Projectiles, its use  makes it easier to determine whether any variation in drag, at particular velocities, affects a variety of projectiles in a similar fashion.  




Our Mission

bulletto promote global interest in the field of ballistics research
bulletshow that ballistics is not solely the domain of professionals
bulletthat amateurs / hobbyists can make valuable contributions
bulletto increase the body of knowledge in this area
bulletprovide a forum for its discussion & publication
bullettry to obtain data which test the hypotheses indicated above 
bulletsupply forms which are useful to shooters
bulletinclude links to reputable & tested suppliers of shooting equipment
bulletgive access to a range of programs that make ballistics calculations easy


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